6X - Changing Trigger Command Mode

6X - Changing Trigger Command Mode

There are 4 options for controlling camera triggers for the 6X; Command, External, Interval and Overlap.

Command allows trigger
 commands from DJI Payload SDK(M200/M300 series of drones) MAVLink, the web page, or the custom Sentera Protocol.
External allows for a specific I/O pin on the camera to trigger the sensor.
Interval will trigger the sensor every X seconds.
Overlap will trigger the sensor when certain conditions are met, such as Minimum Altitude and Overlap from the last photo.
For the 6X on any DJI drone, we recommend using the Overlap Trigger option.

Changing Trigger Mode

The 6X uses a web interface to change between the various trigger modes. The web interface can be accessed by powering on your 6X Sensor and 

Powering the 6X

The 6X Sensor can be powered by the connection from a drone or by the external power supply.

Drone Power

  1. Install your 6X sensor onto to your drone.
  2. Power on your drone to power on your 6X.
  3. Wait 30 seconds, the gimbal will stabilize downward and the 4 LEDs on the 6X will illuminate to indicate power.

External Power Supply

  1. Connect the external power supply to the J1 port on the top/rear of the 6X Sensor.
      2. Plug in the external power supply to an outlet
      3. Wait 30 seconds, the 4 LEDs on the 6X will illuminate to indicate power. The gimbal motors are inactive while being powered from the external unit.

Accessing the Web Interface 

To connect to the web interface configuration page:
  1. Connect your computer to your 6X sensor with the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable as shown below. A USB-C to USB-C cable can also be used.

Use the port on the side of the camera, as shown below. This is NOT the same USB-C port used in connecting the GPS/Light Sensor module during flight.

      2. Wait 30 seconds and then use a web browser to browse to the web-based configuration tool at http://sentera-6x.local. 
      3. If that doesn’t work, try navigating to
      4. Click Configuration located on the left-hand menu. The Current Configuration window should display, as shown below.
      5. At this point any trigger mode can be set. For flying on any DJI drone, we recommend using Overlap, with the overlap value at 80%. The Overlap % chosen on the configuration page will determine the Frontlap of the drone. Sidelap is determined by the route the drone is set to fly during flight planning.
      6. Click Apply and Restart.
      7. Wait for the sensor to reconnect, this can take up to a minute. Verify that the correct trigger option has been set.

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