Changing the Overlap on the Single Sensor

Changing the Overlap on the Single Sensor

Note for Bluetooth-equipped products: Single hardware that is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, either integral to the sensor or via use of the Micro Gimbal product, can configure overlap using the FieldAgent mobile app. If your sensor is equipped with Bluetooth, you'll set your overlap and sidelap in the mission definition on the app. FieldAgent will push the settings to your sensor via Bluetooth before takeoff. The process below will still work for setting overlap manually, but many customers will find the Bluetooth workflow much easier.

To change the overlap on your Sentera Single Sensor:
1. Remove the microSD card from your Sentera Sensor and insert it into your PC.
2. Browse to the file labeled UserSettings.txt. Open it with Microsoft Notepad, Microsoft Word, or any other text editor.
3. In the document, find OverlapPercent=30 and change the 30 to 80. You can leave it at 80 going forward

4. Save the changes and insert the microSD card back into your sensor. The setting will remain unchanged until you manually change it or replace the microSD card.

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