Create a Management Zones

Create and Export Management Zones and Prescription Files

Now available for satellite imagery!
Management zones are used to group the data of a detailed health map into simple shapes that can then be exported as a prescription file. Below is an example of a zone map (left) and the health map which was used to create the management zone.

Managment Zones on Web

To create a zone map from a map layer and export as a shapefile:
  1. Open and navigate to the field you'd like to create a zone map for.
  2. Open the map layer you'd like to create the zone map from. Note: RGB layers cannot be turned into zone maps.
    Some types of map layers that can be turned into zone maps include:
    - NDVI or NDRE Satellite Imagery
    - NDVI or NDRE QuickTiles or Mosaics
    - Populations Maps (from a Stand Count)
    - Tassel Maps (from a Tassel Count)
  3. Set the mosaic display mode to Zone map

  4. Manipulate the layer as you'd like:
    - Select the number of bins (colors)
    - Set the minimum and maximum values to be included
  5. Click Download Shapefile

The downloaded file can now be used in a tool such as SMS to create a prescription.

Management Zones on Desktop

To create management zones and subsequent prescription file:
  1. Open FieldAgent on your Desktop.
  2. Navigate to the field you’d like to create a prescription for.

  3. Select the layer you’d like to create a prescription from.

  4. Select the Toolbox.

  5. Select the Gears icon.

  6. A popup window will indicate loading status. Note that this process may take some time.

  7. A prescription can then be created. Re-open the toolbox and select the RX icon.

  8. Set the units and rate at which the file should be written for.

Area Isolation Example

To write a prescription for only the worst or best areas of a field use the toolbox to manipulate the dataset before running the management zone tool. Isolate a specific part of the field by setting the bins to 1 and then drag the min and max sliders around on the graph.

Settings for this example:
  1. Bins were set to 1

  2. Color Map set to Reds

  3. Max slider moved to the left
  4. Generate a management zone by pressing the gear icon in the toolbox 

In this case, the worst performing areas of the field were isolated for treatment.

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