FieldAgent Mobile - DJI Flight Plan Export

FieldAgent Mobile - DJI Flight Plan Export

Compatible Drones

Newer DJI drones, including the Matrice 300, Matrice 350 , and the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series, require missions to be launched with the DJI pro remote controller. This guide will explain how to plan a flight in FieldAgent Mobile (iOS app) and export it to the DJI remote controller.

DJI Drone 
Flight Execution Software
Flight Planning Software
Mavic 3 Enterprise
DJI Pilot 2
FieldAgent Mobile
Mavic 3 Thermal
DJI Pilot 2
FieldAgent Mobile
Mavic 3 Multispectral
DJI Pilot 2
FieldAgent Mobile
Matrice 300
DJI Pilot 2
FieldAgent Mobile
Matrice 350
DJI Pilot 2
FieldAgent Mobile
Matrice 200/210
FieldAgent Mobile 
FieldAgent Mobile
Phantom 4 Pro
FieldAgent Mobile
FieldAgent Mobile
Mavic 2 Pro
FieldAgent Mobile
FieldAgent Mobile


You will need a microSD card adapter or thumb drive that is compatible with your device running FieldAgent Mobile.

How to Export 

Flight Plan Export transfers a KMZ file with your selected flight path and settings from FieldAgent Mobile to the DJI Pro Remote Controller. 

FieldAgent Mobile

1. Connect a microSD card adapter or thumb drive to your device.

2. Plan a flight in FieldAgent Mobile. Select each camera that you will be using. Press done when you are finished. 

3. Press the export button in the top of the flight plan section.

4. Select your microSD card or thumb drive and press done. Choose the SD card or thumb drive name instead of a lower level folder.

5. Once your KMZ has been exported, you can close FieldAgent Mobile on your device.

DJI Pro Remote Controller

1. Transfer your microSD card or thumb drive to the DJI pro remote controller.

2. Power on your remote controller and drone.

3. Press Flight Route on the DJI Pilot 2 home screen.

4. Press Import Route(KMZ/KML)

5. Select your microSD card or thumb drive. It may have a strange name such as “0000-0000”.

6. Select the flight plan. They are named according to field name and the time they were exported. 

7. You may need to press Allow Access to transfer the file to your remote controller. 

8. Your flight plan has been imported to the controller and will now appear in the Flight Route screen. Select your flight plan to begin the mission process. (Reminder: Flight plans are named according to your field name in FieldAgent Mobile and the time it was exported.)

9. Your flight plan is now displayed on the screen. Press the blue play button to proceed to preflight checks.

10. Verify your drone’s settings and press next. 

11. The Waypoint Route Checklist now displays. Verify the parameters of your flight plan and press Upload Flight Mission.

12. The mission is now uploaded to your drone. Press "Start" to launch your drone.

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