Double4k Config.yml Appendix Configuration

Double 4K - Config.yml Appendix Configuration

Information can be found at Double 4K Configuration User Guide.

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      Note: Double 4K - Skyport is formerly known as AGX710. Scroll to the bottom of the page to download the Double4K Configuration File User Guide.
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      Note: Double 4K - Skyport is formerly known as AGX710. At the bottom of this page, you'll find instructions and templates to help you use Pix4D with your Sentera Double 4K Sensor. Make sure to download the correct template for your sensor. Using the ...
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      No, the the configuration file (config.yml) is different. Contact Support if you need help with your RTK Double 4K D4K configuration file. Download the latest Sentera PHX Operation Manual Sentera PHX Firmware Update Contact Sentera Customer Support: ...
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      Recent versions of firmware for the Sentera Double 4K Sensor (v1.4.0 or later) are required for the Fly Forward Update. Released March 2022. Follow the instructions below for downloading and installing the firmware update for your Double 4K/AGX710 ...
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      Note: Double 4K - Skyport is formerly known as AGX710. Version 1.5.2 | March 30, 2023 Features For S/N's 200+: Add support for Mavic 3E systems (912600 baud U-blox) Add support for U-blox Gen-9 in PHX Inhibit Skyport triggers when operating in non ...