FieldAgent Web - Create a Crop Season

FieldAgent Web - Create a Crop Season

Crop Seasons allow you to track different activities in your field, including planting, irrigation, and kernel counts. Once you've entered a planting activity, you'll receive growth stage notifications throughout the season. 

To create an activity / crop season: 

1. Select the field that where the activity will occur.
2. Click the + icon to start an activity. 

3. Select the drop-down in Select Crop Season area, and then select Add Crop Season.

4. Enter the Start Date and End Date.
5. Select a crop type from the dropdown.

6. Type a name for the activity, for example, Spring Corn.
7. Select an activity from the New Field Activity dropdown.

8. Enter the details in the Plant and Irrigation Details areas. The details will vary, depending upon the selected activity.                      

Plant Details


Irrigation Details

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