FieldAgent Mobile Image Capture Area

FieldAgent Mobile - Image Capture Area


Ever wonder if you’re getting good enough field coverage during your drone flights to create good quality orthomosaics? 

With the Image Capture Area Overlay, FieldAgent Mobile can help create informed flight plans to capture the necessary number of overlapping images to create high quality mosaics.

This feature shows an overlay on a flight plan that indicates the number of overlapping images. 

  • Green indicates five or more photos are covering the area.

  • Yellow means less than five photos are covering the area. 

  • No overlay means no overlapping photos cover the area.

Generally, five overlapping images results in a good mosaic.

Enabling/Disabling Image Capture Area Overlay

1. Select the stack icon.

2. Toggle on Image Capture Area.

3. The Image Capture Area Overlay will appear on the map. 

No overlap color means no overlapping photos, yellow means less than five, green means five or more.


Having a “green” overlay is not a guarantee that a good orthomosaic can be created.  Pay attention to other flight parameters to ensure good imagery.

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