FieldAgent Desktop Release Notes

FieldAgent Release Notes

Below are release notes for FieldAgent Desktop. Notes are listed most recent on top.

Version v6.0.0.21 | Released December 15, 2023

  1. Added QuickTile support for images captured by Sentera 6X and Sentera 6X Thermal sensors. “QuickTile Multispectral” mosaic will auto generate after images are imported. This multispectral map can be view on both desktop and web
  2. Added magma color map on the Toolbox, which is available for 6X thermal imagery.
  3. Importer now prompts user to define band order, and enter wavelength information. When band data is detected from the imagery, the importer will be pre-filled with the band information.
  4. The importer map now displays streets overlayed on the satellite map.

Version v5.30.0 | Released October 31, 2023

The Fall Desktop release included several new enhancements:
  1. Streamlined user interface for importing into FieldAgent Desktop
  2. Ability to order from the full Sentera Product Catalog within the application
  3. Offline ordering capabilities
  4. For 6X Users: Importing 6X calibration images (even outside of field boundary)

Learn more in our demo of the Fall Desktop Release:

Version v5.20.0 | Released March 7th, 2023

Check out a demo of the new features in this latest update.

  • New Analytics are available to be ordered:
    • • Plot Canopy
    • • Plot Stand
    • • M/F Tassel
    • • M/F Stand
  • Desktop can now Quick Tile DJI Mavic 3 Pro and Enterprise.
  • Added support for the Sentera 65R.
  • Users can now stay logged in for 30 days.
  • Desktop now lists all the same crops as FieldAgent web.
  • Shapes are renamed to Zones.
  • When ordering Analytics, it's no longer needs to draw a bounding box.
  • When an order has been placed and your data is still syncing, you will be warned to keep the application open so the sync can complete and the order can be fulfilled.
  • Version v5.19.0 | Released October 27th, 2022

    1. Added ability to optionally turn off QuickTile creation on import.
    2. New sign in interface with ability to sign in with a different user. NOTE: This will wipe out current local data.
    3. Added ability to change survey names.
    4. Increased file size limitations during the sync process.

    Version v5.18.1 | Released September 1st, 2022

    1. Updated to match the new Sentera and FieldAgent branding.

    Version v5.18.0 | Released August 22nd, 2022

    1. Field pins now transition into field boundaries when zooming in on the map screen.
    2. Zoom and Pan performance of the map has been increased when viewing field overlays.
    3. Importing can now detect groupings of images in multiple locations and create multiple fields for those locations during a single import.

    Version v5.17.0 | Released June 8th, 2022

    1. Added support for submitting orders during import, including options for ordering:
      1. stand counts
      2. stitched mosaics
      3. custom processing
      4. weed prescriptions
      5. tassel counts

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