FieldInsights - Crop Health FAQ

FieldInsights - Crop Health FAQ

What is Crop Health?

Crop Health provides insight to understand how crops are performing across all acreage throughout the entire season – leveraging multiple data sources to pinpoint and address problem areas.  As a result:
  1. Detect issues in real time to identify areas to scout, treatment plans, and other inputs 
  2. Get insight into health with multispectral indices, with the ability to dig deeper into performance by augmenting with other data sources, like satellite, weather, soil, and equipment data 
  3. Provide data-driven insights to growers to validate product performance and start selling next season earlier 


What is the difference between Sentera's Crop Health products?

Our Crop Health products are designed to meet the specific needs of researchers, product developers, and retail agronomists. In addition, we offer products that include masking and precision aligned orthomosaics.

Our masked crop health products includes masking, which describes measurements and summary statistics representing only pixels classified as vegetation derived from the masking layer.
Our precision aligned crop health products include orthomosaics derived from high-resolution NDVI, NDRE, or RGB imagery captured across an entire field. (Deliverable may vary based on sensor.)

Which sensors can I use for Crop Health? What settings should I use?

The sensors that are supported vary based on the Crop Health product. These typically include Sentera's own sensors, like the High-Precision Single, Double 4K, and 65R; but also use other RGB imagers, like the Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom 4 RTK, Mavic 2 Pro, or Mavic 3 Enterprise.

For more information about which sensors support what Crop Health product, visit the Sentera Product Catalog and select the Crop Health product for more information. 


What crop types are supported?

Our Crop Health products can support any crop. 

What is the data output that I'll receive for Crop Health?

The measurements and data available by Crop Health product varies. More information about the data output, both the file type and which measurements are included, can be viewed in the Sentera Product Catalog


How can I order Crop Health?

Some of our Crop Health products can be ordered via FieldAgent. After logging into FieldAgent and navigating to the field where you’d like to order the analytic, click on “Order Mosaic” and select the survey date. Fill in the required information and place your order.  

Our sales team can also help to place orders for Crop Health nd other FieldInsights products.


Why hasn't my Crop Health order been processed?

Common issues for why analytics haven’t been processed include:
  1. Flying too fast or too high
  2. Using an incompatible sensor
  3. Capturing data for a non-supported crop
  4. Incorrect or incomplete data submitted
We recommend checking your data before you leave the field to ensure that it will work for our processing platform. If you experience any issues or have further questions, reach out to our support team.


Do I have to use FieldAgent to view Crop Health?

FieldAgent can be used to view Crop Health products. FieldAgent offers visualization and data reporting tools.
The data can also be exported to a system of your choice via API, or downloaded from FieldAgent. The measurements from our Crop Health insights can be downloaded as GeoJSON, CSV or ZIP files.

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