FieldInsights - Elevation & Hydrology FAQ

FieldInsights - Elevation FAQ

What is Elevation?

Elevation characterizes the bare soil elevation for periods prior to crop planting or after crop harvest. This product utilizes precision-aligned RGB and Digital Surface Model orthomosaics derived from high-resolution RGB imagery.

Sentera Elevation products include:
  1. Elevation characterizes the bare soil elevation before and after the crop season


Which sensors can I use for Elevation?

Sentera's 65R can be used for Elevation. Compatible sensors for the Elevation insights include:

  1. Sentera 65R
  2. Mavic 3 Enterprise
  3. Phantom 4 Pro
  4. Phantom 4 RTK
  5. Zenmuse X4S
  6. Zenmuse X5S
  7. Xenmuse P1 (35mm)

What settings do I use to fly for Elevation?

To find the settings to fly for the Elevation products, view the Sentera Product Catalog:

  1. Elevation

What crop types are supported?

Elevation is used for off season field analysis.


What is the data output that I'll receive for Elevation?

More information about the data output, both the file type and which measurements are included, can be viewed in the Sentera Product Catalog:


How can I order Elevation?

Our sales team can place orders for Elevation and other FieldInsights products.


Why hasn't my Elevation order been processed?

Common issues for why analytics haven’t been processed include:
  1. Flying too fast or too high
  2. Using an incompatible sensor
  3. Incorrect or incomplete data submitted
We recommend checking your data before you leave the field to ensure that it will work for our processing platform. If you experience any issues or have further questions, reach out to our support team.


Do I have to use FieldAgent to view Elevation?

FieldAgent can be used to view Elevation. FieldAgent offers visualization and data reporting tools.


In addition to a Mosaic RGB Precision Aligned and a Mosaic Digital Surface Model Precision Aligned which is delivered for the Elevation insights.


The data can be exported to a system of your choice via API, or downloaded from FieldAgent. The measurements from Elevation can be downloaded as Shapefile, GeoJSON, or CSV files.

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