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Flight Services

Flight Services from Sentera are available to plan and fly missions for you, providing full-service image data capture and image delivery over agricultural fields. Alternatively, we provide training and best practices for capturing each Professional Service product. Training courses are available for the Sentera PHX and DJI quad copters.

Flight Service Products


What is Flight Services from Sentera?

Sentera’s Flight Services boasts 250+ trained pilots around the world that bring the best-in-class drones and sensors to fly acres for our customers to capture aerial imagery to generate insights.

How do I know if Flight Services is available in my area?

The Flight Services team currently services nearly 35 states and more than 15 countries. Please contact Our sales team for more information about Flight Services and if they service your region.

What hardware does the Flight Services team use?

The Flight Services team uses Sentera sensors and compatible drones. The ag drone system of choice depends on which insight will be generated.
In working with our Flight Services team, this information will be shared as part of the planning process.

Can I use Flight Services for plot trials work?

Yes, our Flight Services team can fly plot trials.

What insights and indices can Flight Services capture for me?

The Flight Services team can capture any of our standard FieldInsights products, as well as data to generate custom solutions as needed. See the full list of standard FieldInsights products here . Contact Our sales team for more information. .

How long after the Flight Services flight do I get my insights?

We know that timeliness matters, and that’s reflected in our delivery timeframes for FieldInsights captured by our Flight Services team. They vary based on how quickly the data must be used to make agronomic decisions. For more information about specific timeframes by insight, please contact . Contact Our sales team .

What if there is inclement weather during my planned mission with Flight Services?

The team will plan to fly the next favorable weather day.

What information do I have to provide to Flight Services?

In addition to the requested FieldInsights product(s), the Flight Services team will need to know the field locations, and can help to create field boundaries if they are not known.

I am not finding an article to help me. How do I contact support?

Contact support by submitting a support ticket. You can also call support at (844) 736-8372 (option 1) during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT.

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