Installing the Double 4K for Inspire 1 Gimbal

Double 4K Lock & Go - Installing for Inspire 1 Gimbal

Note: Double 4K - Skyport is formerly known as AGX710. 

What you'll need:

1.  Multispectral 4K Double Inspire Gimbal. (Purchase here.)

2.  DJI Inspire 1 with Locking Gimbal Mount.


1. Locate the locking mount on the front of the Inspire 1 and position it into the unlocked position as shown below.

2. Insert the Multispectral 4K gimbal into the Inspire 1 locking mount (1) and rotate the locking mount into the locked position (2).

3. Ensure proper engagement by confirming gimbal is not loose.

4. Place the vehicle on a stable surface.

5. Turn it on. (Press the button on the battery once and then again for two seconds.)

6. Once the vehicle is powered on, do not touch it until the camera stabilizes to point downward.

7. Fly with FieldAgentâ„¢.

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