Ordering a Mosaic or Elevation Map

FieldAgent Desktop - Ordering a Mosaic or Elevation Map

If a full mosaic will meet your needs better than a QuickTile, but you don't have the necessary software and hardware to create the mosaic yourself, Sentera can create and publish the mosaic for you.  

Before you order the elevation map, please make sure the field is either freshly tilled or harvested.  If there are plants in the field, the map will not produce usable results.
To Order a Mosaic or Elevation Map:
  1. Login to FieldAgentâ„¢ Desktop.
  2. Open the Field View of the field you are going to request a mosaic or elevation map for.
  3. In the menu on the left-hand side of the screen find the date of the survey you want the mosaic or elevation map for.
  4. Click on the gear or cog icon and select Order Mosaic.
  5. Check the box for RGB, NIR or NDVI or any combination of them.
  6. Here you also can select the option to add an elevation map. Select the intervals and units.
  7. Please note the fee schedule.
  8. Click OK.

Having trouble ordering a mosaic? See FAQ: Why Can't I Order a Mosaic? 

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