Sentera PHX - Field Setup

Sentera PHX - Field Setup

Set up in the field is vital to the success of a mission.

1. Takeoff and Landing Areas

Takeoff: Always throw PHX into the wind. Ensure that the takeoff area meets recommendations and is clear of obstructions like trees and power lines.  Remember that on hot, humid days, the aircraft climbs more slowly.

Landing: The aircraft descends on a shallow approach on landing. Ensure your mission plan accounts for the low altitudes your aircraft may be at as it comes into land. Landing locations should be relatively flat and if possible, soft. Areas with short crops and ditches clear of rocks and debris make great landing locations.

2. Comms Box Placement

The PHX requires a direct line of sight to the comms box throughout the flight. Corn attenuates radio signals and will block or significantly degrade communications range between the Comms Box and the PHX aircraft. Place your comms box further back from taller corn or similar crops. Be sure to use the Long Range Antenna if you're flying PHX more than 3/4 mile (about 1.2km).

3. Flight Device Heat Management

Keep your iPad or laptop from overheating during a mission by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Never place your device on the hood of a car or truck. PHX will continue to operate if the ground station hardware fails or needs to reboot, but this situation creates a loss of positive control and should be avoided at all costs.  If the PHX and the ground segment hardware cannot communicate for a period of time, PHX will enter its Lost Comms procedure and ultimately land.

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