Remote ID - User Guide

Remote ID - User Guide


Learn how to use the Remote ID system for the PHX. 

To use Remote ID for PHX:
  1. Remote ID hardware must be installed in the PHX.
  2. Fly PHX must be up to date.
  3. Senthawk firmware must be up to date. 

How to Use

Open Fly PHX

Open Fly PHX on an iPad or windows Laptop.

Assemble, Power on, and Connect

Assemble the PHX, power on, and connect to Fly PHX as you normally would when using a PHX.

Locate Remote ID Indicator Icon

The Remote ID icon will be located in the top navigation bar of the Fly screen between the camera and battery icons.

Verify Status

A green icon indicates the Remote ID system has passed the PFST/continuous monitoring and is ready to go

A red icon indicates the Remote ID system has not yet passed the PFST or has failed continuous monitoring.

The Remote ID Icon will remain red if Remote ID hardware has not been install in aircraft purchased before August 2023.

If the PFST has not passed and the aircraft has a home point contact Sentera support for assistance.
A grey icon means that a Remote ID system is currently unavailable.

An unavailable Remote ID system may indicate that that the PHX (Senthawk) firmware is out of date.

Pre-Fight Checklist

Once the Remote ID system is ready the Remote ID pre-flight checklist item will automatically pass itself.

Web Interface

The Remote ID system for PHX has a web interface that can also be used to view the result of the PFST and assert an emergency status.

Accessing the Webpage

To access the webpage select the Remote ID icon in the toolbar and a pop-up window will appear displaying the Remote ID status and the RID webpage button.

Press the button and the Remote ID web interface will open in your default internet browser (no internet connection required).

The webpage will appear. 

The Emergency Status box will display the current emergency status and the buttons to assert or clear an emergency status.

The Self-Test Status box will display the result of the PFST/continuous monitoring in slightly more detail than the indicator in Fly PHX.

NOTE: When using this feature on iPad it will change applications from Fly PHX to your web browser. If the aircraft is in flight this will activate the lost comms timer. If Fly PHX is not reopened within 60 seconds the aircraft will activate the lost comms fail safe and return to land (RTL).

Emergency Status

To assert an emergency status press the Set Emergency button.

Setting an emergency status will change the status field in the Remote ID broadcast information to emergency.

Emergency status is NOT automatically set by the aircraft. It must be set manually by the pilot via the web interface.

When the emergency status is set the webpage will display EMERGENCY in large red lettering.

Use the Clear Emergency button to clear an emergency status broadcast.

Emergency status will be reset up on aircraft reboot.


The Remote ID system may not function as intended if it is not used properly. Common limitations with the system are:
  • Aircraft GPS location information is sourced from the internal aircraft GPS. The Remote ID system may not pass operational testing if the aircraft GPS wing is not connected to the fuselage, or if the aircraft is inside. The aircraft and Remote ID system are intended to be used in the fully assembled state, outdoors, with a clear view of the sky.

  • Operating in areas with similar frequencies being broadcast may cause interference and result in degraded performance of the Remote ID broadcast.

  • Modifying or tamper with the system may cause the system not to perform as expected or pass the PFST.

Remote ID Apps

The Remote ID system broadcasts Remote ID messages that can be interpreted by most modern devices running an application intended to receive and display those messages. Right now there are two free applications available for iOS and Android. Both of these applications have been verified to work with the PHX Remote ID system.


Drone Scanner


OpenDroneID OSM

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