Remote ID: What you need to know

Remote ID: What you need to know

March 16th, 2024.
This is the date that is important for you as a consumer in the United States.
As a consumer drone pilot, your drone must comply with Remote ID regulations by March 16th, 2024.

The most up to date information on the remote ID laws for drones can be found on the FAA website.

Let's run through some FAQ.

What is Remote ID?

Remote ID can be thought of as a digital license plate for a drone. It is a system that allows a drone to broadcast information about its identification, location, altitude, velocity, takeoff/GCS location, etc. This information is broadcast via bluetooth or wifi beacon and can be picked up by anyone with a Remote ID app on their phone/tablet/PC.

There are 2 types of Remote ID: 
Standard Remote ID: The Remote ID hardware and software are integrated into the drone by the drone manufacturer. This version of Remote ID is intended to cover newly produced drone systems. 

Broadcast Module: The Remote ID hardware is retrofitted to an existing drone. This version of Remote ID is intended to make drones produced before 9/16/2022 compliant with Remote ID regulations.

How do I abide by the rules of Remote ID?

Visit the FAA Remote ID website. This website it the source of truth for Remote ID rules, regulations, and documentation. 

As a pilot there are 3 ways to comply with Remote ID regulations:
  1. Operate a drone with Standard Remote ID built in. 
  2. Operate a drone with a Remote ID broadcast module.
  3. Operate your non-Remote ID equipped drone in a FAA-Recognized-Identification-Area (FRIA).

I have a Sentera PHX, what should I be aware of?

  1. Sentera's Remote ID solution for the PHX has been approved by the FAA.
  2. The solution is  retrofittable for nearly all existing PHX.  See PHX support articles for details. 
  3. The retrofit is user installable. 
  4. The retrofit requires adding a small transmitter to the PHX, updating the CommsBoard (Senthawk) firmware, and updating Fly PHX. 
  5. The retrofit is Broadcast Remote ID compliant. 
  6. Standard Remote ID compliance is expected in the future for PHX. 
The Remote ID add on kits for PHX is available for purchase here.

I have a DJI/Other drone, what should I be aware of?

Always go by the information provided by the manufacturer of your drone. Check DJI or other drones website or support documentation for information and recommendations. As of October 2022, DJIs information on Remote ID with regards to their drones is listed here:

If I purchased a new drone, will it have remote ID capabilities or will I need to add them myself?

Drones produced after December 16th, 2022 are required to have Standard Remote ID installed during manufacturing. However, some drones (including "new" DJI drones), may have been produced many months before they were sold to you as a consumer. 

As Sentera manufactures the PHX, we can ensure that any PHX manufactured with Remote ID equipment will present a clear indication of installed Remote ID equipment.  To learn about the manufacture date and presence of Remote ID equipment in drones other than the PHX, check the support website/documentation of that drone.
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