Sentera PHX™ - Charging Aircraft Battery

Sentera PHX™ - Charging Aircraft Battery


1.    Plug the charger into AC wall power.  (Only Use The Sentera Supplied Charger To Ensure Safe Charging).

2.   Verify the charger has Blue & White alternating blinks on the charger LED letting you know that it is ready to connect the battery.
3.   Connect your battery to the charge paddle.  Charging should start automatically.

4.   Verify the charge cycle has started by a beep sound and Green & White alternating blinks on the charger LED.
5.   The charger will beep and the charger LED will show as "Solid Green" when the battery is fully charged.
The battery level indicator lights up on the "battery" while charging to provide an indication of charge level.

Indicator State


Battery State of Charge

1 LED On

Constant current charging

0-25 % charged

2 LEDs On

Constant current charging

25-50 % charged

3 LEDs On

Constant current charging

50-75 % charged

4 LEDs On

Constant voltage charging

75-97 % charged

5 LEDs On

Battery charged

> 97 % Charged


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