Sentera PHX™ - Preparing For The Field

Sentera PHX™ - Preparing For The Field

Here are a list of things you should check and/or consider before going to the field.
  1. Check the Weather
    1. The Sentera PHX™ should never be flown in perception or in wind speeds over 28 mph. (12 m/s).
  2. Check Airspace
    1. Verify any airspace restrictions through local regulations and/or the local airspace authority.
  3. Download Offline Maps
    1. Make sure you have your maps before you get to the field.
  4. Inspect Drone & Sensors
    1. Check overall condition of aircraft/system.
  5. Check SD Card(s)
    1. Verify you have enough space on your SD-Card(s) and that they haven't been misplace or forgotten.
  6. Charge Batteries - Verify That Batteries Are Ready
    1. Drone, CommsBox, & Laptop
  7. Verify That You Have Packed Cables & Adapters.
    1. Ethernet Cable, CommsBox USB Power Cable, and Charging Cables.

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