Single Sensor Gimbal Installation Steps for FieldAgent Mobile

FieldAgent Mobile - Single Sensor Gimbal Installation Steps

Installing a gimbal on an Phantom 4 with a previously installed Sentera Single Sensor requires both hardware and software updates.

To complete this process, scroll to the bottom of the page to download the three attachments:

1. Single Gimbal - Hardware Installation Manual.pdf
2. Single Gimbal - Software Update Manual.pdf
3. Single Gimbal - Firmware Update

Once installed and properly connected with bluetooth,  FieldAgent will automatically update the overlap of the camera each flight, without the requirement to manually update the config file. FieldAgent will also set the flight speed to 30mph.

The gimbal improves coverage rates of the drone by allowing faster speeds and ensuring photos collected by the Sentera Single Sensor will be nadir-pointing, resulting in more accurate plant health data.

If using another app for flight with the single gimbal, use the flight setting shown below:
  1. Overlap and Sidelap: 80% for Orthomosaics (High Quality Mapping)
  2. Flight Speed: 30 mph

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