Understanding Common DJI Warnings and Error Messages

FieldAgent Mobile - Understanding Common DJI Warnings and Error Messages

Occasionally issues can arise when using your DJI drone. Here are some common DJI error messages, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

Drone Marked Mission as Complete

You may occasionally receive this message. Typically it means the mission is complete, but note that the message often is incorrect.

Low Battery

Note that you may receive this message for situations other than a low battery. It may also indicate that a battery’s firmware is out of date or that there is a critical issue inside the battery.

Home Point not Recorded Yet

You may receive this message if your drone doesn’t yet have GPS and therefore can’t record the home point prior to the start of the mission. If you see this message, wait a minute or two after powering on the drone, and then try rebooting. 

Camera is Busy or the Command is not Supported in the Camera's Current State

You will typically see this message in the following situations:

  1. The plastic gimbal support is still attached to the drone during flight.
  2. The foam gimbal support is still attached to the drone during flight.
  3. The microSD card is full.
  4. The mission is very low (100 feet or less), fast (15 m/s), and flown with high overlap. In this case, pictures are being requested faster than they can be written to the SD card.
  5. The SD card is old. We recommend newer, U3 rated SD cards capable of writing 4K video.

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