Unlock No Fly Zones for DJI Products

FieldAgent Mobile - Unlock No Fly Zones for DJI Products

Note: Make sure you have any required or appropriate permissions and clearances before flying.

Follow the steps below to unlock no fly zones for DJI Products:
  1. Power up everything and connect to the drone inside DJI GO 4.
    1. You should see a warning about flying in an Authorization Zone in the upper left of the app.
  2. Press the takeoff button inside DJI GO 4. (The drone probably will not take off.)
  3. DJI GO 4 will again warn you about Authorization Zones, but will give you the option to unlock the zone. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the unlock.
  4. Press the takeoff button again inside DJI GO 4. The drone should take off.
    1. Assuming the drone took off in Step 4, you may now use FieldAgentâ„¢ to plan missions and fly them as you normally would.
  5. Open FieldAgent Mobile, plan your mission and launch.

  1. Unlocks expire after 24 hours, so you will need to repeat this process each day you fly the no fly zone.
  2. Make sure you have any required or appropriate permissions and clearances before flying.
  3. Red unlocks are available, with a more detailed process. If you need assistance please contact support@sentera.com or call 612-204-2000

Link to the complete map on DJI's website

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