Fly PHX Videos To Get You Started

Sentera Fly PHX - Videos To Get You Started

Watch the following videos in order to understand using PHX:

1. System Overview

A brief overview and introduction to the PHX system. 

2. Basic Mission Planning

Learn how to navigate the Fly PHX mission planning wizard, plan a mission, and save the mission plan. 

3. PHX Safety (Coming Soon)

Learn how to take safety precautions related to using the PHX. 

4. Preparing For the Field

A classroom style video to learn about how to prepare yourself and your equipment for a day of flying.

5. Launch Technique

View an assortment of PHX launch technique examples from PHX users and engineers. 

6. Standard Operating Procedure

Understand the best practices for every PHX flight. Learn about vehicle assembly,
ground station set-up, fre-flight checklist, launch, flight, landing, and disassembly in this video.  


7. In-flight Maneuvers 

Understand the in-flight command and control options for PHX. 


8. Airspeed Calibration 

Learn when and how to calibrate the airspeed sensor.

9. Compass Calibration 

Learn when and how to calibrate the magnetic compass.

10. Pitot Swap 

Understand when and how to replace the Pitot tube. 

11. Cosmetic Repairs 

Learn to use glue and other adhesives to make repair on the PHX. 

12. Motor Replacement 

Learn how to replace the motor in a PHX.

13. Fuselage Foam Repair

Learn how to make repairs to your PHX fuselage.

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