6X - Getting Started

6X - Getting Started

This page contains an overview of information and links to help get started using the 6X sensor.

Beyond this page, the full  6X User Guide contains more detail on everything you should need to be successful. If you aren't finding the information you need, please reach out to Sentera Support at 1-844-SENTERA, or contact us through an email at support@sentera.com.

6X Intro

The 6X features five simultaneously triggered, precision filtered 3.2MP global shutter imagers, and one 20.1MP RGB imager, each with a dedicated, high quality optical path. Altogether, the sensor produces eight channels of image data, with a fast capture rate (five frames per second), and high radiometric accuracy.

Leveraging technology used in Sentera’s advanced sensors, the 6X is equipped with a custom processor, tailored to efficiently handle immense data throughput, and perform onboard computer vision and machine learning computations.

If you don't yet own a 6X, more information can be found on the 6X product page.


A guide on mounting your light sensor mounting plate can be found here  HERE.
Follow your guide closely! The M200 requires precise placement of the light sensor mounting plate.

Data Collection

For optimal data collection, DJI Drones with an integrated 6X gimbal should be flown with the most recent version of the FieldAgent Mobile App, found in the iOS app store.  Select the 6X as your camera type.

Ensure you are in an open area and wait for the LEDs on the 6X to turn GREEN before taking off.

If you purchased a Reflectance Panel(optional), collect images before and after flight using the process outlined in this video.

The Sentera 6X Reflectance Panel User Guide  can be downloaded HERE

Data Transfer and Manipulation

The support article, Offloading Imagery: 6X, details the minimal steps of connecting to the computer and pulling data.

NOTE: The initial firmware release requires separation of multipage TIF files before use with PIX4D or other GIS tools.

Upgrade your Firmware HERE

If you've collected data as a multipage TIF files and would like to seperate your files, the tool for separating images can be found:

Firmware Update

Sentera is constantly working to improve the 6X sensor. You'll find instructions and download links to the most recent firmware update HERE

For more information:
Sentera 6X  support documentation.
Sentera 6X Multispecrtal Sensor User Guide.

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