Why did my Drone Pause During Flight?

Why Did My Drone Pause During Flight

Flight Interruptions 

There are several reasons your DJI drone may pause and hover during flight. These include:

Why Does My Drone Pause
When Does my Drone Pause
How to Fix It 
DJI firmware bugAfter launch, when the drone is ~6ft high.Press the resume button. Or you can land and restart the flight.
Outdated FirmwareAfter launch, when the drone is at transit height.Update firmware for your drone, sensor, and mobile device. 
Obstacle AvoidanceNear obstacles.Change your flight path.
No Fly ZoneDuring the mission.Unlock the zone or change flight path.
Exiting FieldAgent MobileDuring the mission.Switch back to the FieldAgent mobile app.
Changing flight modeDuring the mission.Switch back to the correct flight mode.

Your drone can pause at multiple points throughout a mission. We will cover each reason for a pause, how to identify the problem, and the steps to get your drone flying again. 

DJI Firmware Bug

Your drone may pause while taking off, before it ascends to its transit height. It will typically hover at 6 feet above ground. When this occurs, you should press the resume button on your DJI controller.

Alternatively you may land the drone and restart the flight to resolve the issue. 

Outdated Firmware 

Your drone may pause after taking off and ascending to its transit height. This can be a sign of outdated firmware on your drone. Make sure you always fly with the most recent firmware on your drone, sensor, and mobile device. 

Obstacle Avoidance 

If your drone has obstacle avoidance enabled, then your drone will pause when it comes too close to an object. Change your flight path to avoid this obstacle. Creating a line flight or changing your boundary buffer will help to customize your flight path. 

No Fly Zones

Your drone will pause when it is about to enter a no fly zone. If you are attempting to launch from a no fly zone, your mission will fail to upload to your drone.

Follow the steps below to unlock no fly zones for DJI Products:
  1. Power up everything and connect to the drone inside DJI GO 4.
    1. You should see a warning about flying in an Authorization Zone in the upper left of the app.
  2. Press the takeoff button inside DJI GO 4. (The drone probably will not take off.)
  3. DJI GO 4 will again warn you about Authorization Zones, but will give you the option to unlock the zone. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the unlock.
  4. Press the takeoff button again inside DJI GO 4. The drone should take off.
    1. Assuming the drone took off in Step 4, you may now use FieldAgentâ„¢ to plan missions and fly them as you normally would.
  5. Open our FieldAgentâ„¢ app, plan your mission and launch.
  1. Unlocks expire after 24 hours, so you will need to repeat this process each day you fly the no fly zone.
  2. Make sure you have any required or appropriate permissions and clearances before flying.
  3. Red unlocks are available, with a more detailed process. If you need assistance please contact support@sentera.com or call 612-204-2000

Exiting the FieldAgent App

When flying with FieldAgent Mobile, you need to keep the app running and onscreen for the entire flight. Exiting the app will cause your drone to either pause mid flight and hover, or continue flying without taking images.  

Changing Flight Mode

DJI Controllers need to be set to a specific flight mode for autonomous flight with FieldAgent Mobile. Switching flight modes, or pressing the Return to Home Button once, will initiate manual flight. Make sure you have the correct flight mode chosen before your fly, and do not change it unless you need to take over manual control of the drone.

The flight mode for autonomous missions differs by drone. The following table shows which mode you should select based on your drone. 
F Mode
P Mode
Phantom 3 Series
Phantom 4 Series
Matrice 100
Inspire 2
Mavic 2 Pro
Inspire 1


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