Sentera PHX™ FAQs - Can I change my mission in the air

Sentera PHX™ FAQs - Can I change my mission in the air?

Yes, missions can be changed while in flight. 

When uploading a new or modified mission the ground station will prompt you that the aircraft will pause causing your Sentera PHX™ to perform a hold loiter while the new mission is uploaded.  The current mission will be replaced and the new mission will restart from the beginning/first mission item.

Note: The mission must be planned/uploaded as a "Good Mission" and pass all checks.  If there are any warnings or errors the mission must be adjusted and re-uploaded.

Note: if the new mission that is loaded in-flight is considered a "Bad Mission" due to any warnings or errors the aircraft will loiter over the home point when trying to enter the landing pattern. To correct this and allow the aircraft to land you must plan and upload a "Good Mission" with no errors or warnings.

After loading a "Good Mission" you will be able to use the RTL feature to land the aircraft.

For more information about Mission Planning click Here.

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