Sentera PHX™ Autopilot Firmware Update PX4

Sentera PHX™ - Autopilot Firmware Update (PX4)

See also: Release Notes.

Use the following instructions to update:
  1. Download the latest Sentera PHX™ Autopilot Firmware from the link above.
  2. Assemble and power on your Sentera PHX Aircraft and CommsBox.

  3. Connect your Windows laptop to the CommsBox with your Ethernet cable.

  4. Open Fly PHX on your computer and verify that the aircraft and software are connected.

  5. Run the Sentera PHX firmware updater utility that you downloaded previously.

  6. When the updater starts, you will see a black dialog box with white text on your laptop screen.  Do not turn off your CommsBox, aircraft, or computer during this update.
  7. The Fly PHX software should automatically disconnect from the aircraft.  
  8. The updater progress will display in the black dialog box with white text on your laptop screen. This process should take 5-10 minutes to complete.
  9. When the updater completes verifying, the update has been successful via the white text on your laptop screen. Click Enter to exit the application.
  10. Once the firmware update completes, power cycle on the aircraft, and then verify it reconnects to Fly PHX without any errors.
  11. Launch or close and relaunch the Fly PHX app. Navigate to the Gear tab > Summary  and verify that the firmware version reads the latest version, as shown in the link above.

Note: If you're unsuccessful in running this update, try turning off your laptop's firewall and/or antivirus and then run the updater again.

             ***Contact Sentera Customer Support if you're in need of assistance with this update***

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