Data Collection on FieldAgent

Data Collection Overview

This demo describes how to use FieldAgent Mobile and Fly PHX to set up for data collection success. 

FieldAgent on iOS

  1. Download and login to FieldAgent on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. From the main screen, tap the drone  icon to begin flight planning. Browse to the area you'd like to collect imagery of by using the background satellite map.
  3. Long press (press down and hold for 1 second) on the map to place a corner of the flight area
  4. Continue long pressing on the map in the corners of the flight boundary in a clockwise direction.
  5. Click in the box labeled Presets
  6. Choose from the list of presets:
    1. Stand and Tassel Counts - These option sets the overlap to -300%, as the flight plan will collect a sampling of stand counts from throughout the field. Every plant in every photo is counted, but every plant in the field is not captured in a photo). Ensure the boundary does not overlap trees. If necessary, alter the Boundary Buffer or flight boundary to plan a safe flight.
      Note: A tassel must have at least two strands to receive accurate tassel counts.
    2. Early/Late Scouting/Maps - These options will all produce a map of the flight area.
      Late/Early refers to the time in the season (Early Season vs. Late Season). Late season will fly higher than early season, as less detail is generally required as the plants become larger.
      Scout/Map dictates if the resulting images can be processed as stitched mosaic. Stitching requires longer flight time and significantly longer processing time after the drone lands. QuickTile vs. Stitched Mosaic

      Early Season Scout
      Early Season Map
      (Longest Flight)
      Late Season Scout
      (Shortest Flight)
      Late Season Map
      QuickTile or Stitching
      QuickTile Only
      QuickTile & Stitched Mosaic
      QuickTile Only
      QuickTile & Stitched Mosaic
  1. Select Done
  2. Click in the box labeled Cameras
  3. Select the camera or cameras on your drone
  4. Select Done
  5. Select Done again
  6. Click the Launch Button. If the Launch Button is unavailable, select the red cell below the Launch Button and fix any listed issues preventing takeoff.

The video below will walk you through how to plan a flight in FieldAgent Mobile


The video below will walk you through how to plan a flight in Fly PHX

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