Sentera - Field Scale Analytics

Field Scale

As part of our FieldInsights solutions, our Field Scale analytics enable analysis of full acreage for research and product development. Customers can capture the data on their own, and our team works with customers to capture the highest quality of data and produce data processing deliverables. Flight Services from Sentera are available to plan and capture missions. 

By navigating to the Sentera Product Catalog via the links below, get more information about each of our analytics for Field Scale use cases, including:
  1. Recommended Use Cases
  2. Supported Crops
  3. Deliverables
  4. General Requirements
  5. Data Capture Requirements 


  1. Field Scale Project Setup (71300-00)
All Field Scale analytics require the Project Setup. 

Crop Area

  1. Field Scale Crop Area (71308-00)

Crop Health Mosaic

  1. Field Scale Crop Health Mosaic (71303-00)
  2. Field Scale Precision Aligned Crop Health (71303-06)
  3. Field Scale Multispectral and Thermal Crop Health Mosaic (71303-11)
  4. Field Scale Precision Aligned Multispectral and Thermal Crop Health Mosaic (71303-12)


  1. Field Scale Elevation (71309-01)

RGB Mosaic

  1. Field Scale Spot Scout RGB Mosaic (71313-00)
  2. Field Scale Precision Aligned RGB Mosaic (71313-01)

Stand Count 

  1. Field Scale Stand Count (71301-00)
  2. Field Scale Stand Count (Offline) (71301-03)
  3. Field Scale Stand Count and Uniformity (71301-01)
  4. Field Scale Male/Female Stand Count and Uniformity (71301-02)

Tassel Count

  1. Field Scale Tassel Count (71302-00)
  2. Field Scale Male/Female Tassel Count With Uniformity (71302-02)

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