65R Firmware Release Notes

65R - Firmware Release Notes

Version 3.9.1 | April 17th, 2024


  1.   Improved capture synchronization on dual 65R systems
  2.   Eliminated image artifacts that could occur 1/3 and 2/3 of the way from the top of image
  3.   Log connection speed of USB and Ethernet connections

Bug Fixes

  1. N/A

Version 3.7.0 | July 30th, 2023


  1. Added support for DJI Skyport V2 hardware
  2. Added support for Freefly Astro systems
  3. Added support for new 27.4 mm lens (21030-01)
  4. Reduced session startup time
  5. Improved sharpening of camera to reduce "soft" images

Bug Fixes

  1. Firmware updates will now delete all images on camera when applied to prevent image corruption issues
  2. Fixed color artifacts when pixels were saturated at very low ISO values
  3. Fixed improper encoding for exif tag GPSProcessingMethod
  4. Fixed rare issue causing invalid exif tag GPSHPositioningError
  5. Increased allowed maximum RGB JPG size to prevent images from being clipped
  6. (DJI RTK) Improved switching algorithm and accuracy when using DJI RTK enabled systems
  7. (DGR) Fixed gimbal not found error reporting on M300 DGR system

Version 3.6.0 | March 30th, 2023


  1. Improved color and behavior of saturated pixels in images
  2. Improved vignetting correction settings
  3. Allow settable baud rates on all UARTS for OEM integrators
  4. Add ExifImageHeight and ExifImageWidth tags to jpegs to allow easier reading of image size
  5. Allow triggering captures via the cameras pushbutton
  6. Update branding on configuration webpages
  7. Inhibit DJI Skyport image triggers for non-command modes (e.g., overlap mode) to prevent double triggering during flight
  8. Add support for new gimbal hardware revision

Bug Fixes

  1. Fix an issue preventing photo counts from updating in DJI Pilot
  2. Fix a rare image corruption issue causing bad captures and missing exif data

Version 3.5.0 | December 15th, 2022

  * Initial Customer Release

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