Sentera - March 2022 Fly Forward Update

March 2022 Fly Forward Update

Who does this article apply to?

The following sensors have a required update as of March 2022. Green Sentera Sensors on DJI Drones



Historically, green Sentera Sensors have been flown facing east. This ensured that the image heading was always known: East. Images could be easily placed on a map. There are advantages to flying in the direction of travel. Most stitching softwares such as Pix4D expect imagery to be flown facing the direction of travel and flight plans are optimized when flown facing forward.


Sensor firmware updates in March 2022 allow for green Sentera Sensors to accurately determine their heading and tag images accordingly. The iOS FieldAgent App update sets the default behavior for DJI drones with a Sentera Single or Double 4K to fly facing the direction of travel, removing the need to face the drone east when those sensors are selected.

Required User Actions

You’ll need to do two actions to update for Fly Forward

  1. Update Your Sensor’s Firmware

  1. Update FieldAgent on your iPhone or iPad

Click the link below that matches your sensor

Single Sensor 2.7.0 Firmware Update Link

Double 4K Sensor 1.4.0 Firmware Update Link

Link to App Store

What happens if I don't update?

iOS App NOT Updated

iOS App Updated 

Sensor firmware
NOT Updated

Images will process fine, but both should be updated to take advantage of new capabilities.

Flew 75%+ Overlap: Imagery can be stitched
Flew East: Good

Flew Forward: Contact Support

Sensor Firmware


Flew 75%+ Overlap: Good Imagery can be stitched

Flew East: Contact Support

Flew Forward: Good

Good to go!

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