FieldAgent Mobile - How to Review Imagery After a Flight

FieldAgent Mobile - Reviewing Imagery After Flight

How To Review Imagery After Flight

  1. Open the photo viewer by either:
    - Tapping Review after flight.
    - Navigating to My Drone Images under the Settings gear icon.
  2. Remove the SD Card containing imagery from your Sensor or Drone.
  3. Connect the SD Card to your iPad with a dongle. See requirements section for recommended dongles.
  4. Tap on Allow Access.
  5. Tap the SD Card and then tap Done. The selection will be scanned for all flights and imagery.
  6. Select the Flights or Takeoffs you'd like to review, then tap View Flights.
  7. FieldAgent will analyze the location data and create thumbnails in the app for viewing.
  8. Reviewing options:
    - Tap Show or Hide Takeoffs
    - Tap dots and then tap magnifying glass to view full screen
    - Long press (hold down for 1 second) a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen and then tap the magnifying glass.
Images will still need to be imported into FieldAgent on Web or Desktop using the current workflows


Supported Sensors

DJI and Sentera sensors with SD Cards (The 6X does not use its SD Card for storing images.)

Supported Devices

iPhones are currently not supported. Use an iPad to review imagery after flight.

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