Sentera PHX™ - Aircraft Battery Information

Sentera PHX™ - Aircraft Battery Information

The Sentera PHX™ aircraft is powered by a lithium polymer battery with a built-in smart battery fuel gauge.   

The battery level indicator lights can be displayed at any time by pressing the button on the battery.  

                      Sentera PHX  Battery Indicators (when pressed or charging)

Indicator State 


Battery State of Charge 

1 LED On 

Constant current charging 

0-25 % charged 

2 LEDs On 

Constant current charging 

25-50 % charged 

3 LEDs On 

Constant current charging 

50-75 % charged 

4 LEDs On 

Constant voltage charging 

75-97 % charged 

5 LEDs On 

Battery charged 

> 97 % Charged 


The Sentera PHX™ smart battery maintains a balance between the cells without the need for an external balancing charger. 

The battery charger supplied with the system ensures safe charging of the Sentera PHX™ batteries 

The supplied charger is the only charger that should be used to charge these batteries to ensure safe charging.

For more information about charging the Sentera PHX ™ Aircraft batteries Click Here

Battery Level Limits: 
  1. Maximum voltage: 12.6 volts 
  2. Nominal voltage: 11.1 volts 
  3. Minimum voltage: 9.0 volts 

Warning: Batteries will be damaged if discharged goes below 9.0 volts during operation or if left in storage for a long time.  

                 ****Check battery level every 3 months when storing and recharge to 50% storage level as needed****

Tip: Never go below 10% battery level during flight or below 6% battery level during ground handling. 


Lithium polymer cells and battery packs may get hot, explode, or ignite causing serious injury if not properly handled:
  1. DO NOT place the battery in or near fire or any other heat source.
  2. DO NOT reverse polarity on any wires connecting to the battery.
  3. DO NOT connect the positive terminal and negative terminal of the battery to each other with any metal or conductive object.
  4. DO NOT attempt to remove debris from the battery connector with a conductive object.
  5. DO NOT pierce the battery with sharp objects, strike the battery with hard object, or subject it to strong impacts or shocks.
  6. DO NOT expose the battery to any kind of moisture.
  7. DO NOT disassemble or modify the battery.
  8. DO NOT place or store the battery inside cars in hot weather.
  9. Immediately discontinue use of the battery if, while using, charging, or storing the battery, the battery emits an unusual smell, feels hot, changes color or shape, or appears abnormal in any other way.
  10. In the event the battery leaks and the fluid gets into one’s eye, DO NOT rub eyes.  Immediately rinse eyes well with water and then immediately seek medical care. **If left untreated, the battery fluid could cause permanent damage to one's eyes**. 
  11. Use only the battery charger provided with the Sentera PHX.
  12. DO NOT attach the battery directly to any other power source.

Download the latest Sentera  PHX  Operation Manual
Sentera PHX  Firmware Update

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