Sentera PHX - CommsBox Hardware Update

Sentera PHX - CommsBox Hardware Update

Release Notes:

The CommsBox hardware update adds a small user installable piece of hardware to the CommsBox. The update improves the CommsBox connection reliability between the CommsBox radio and the aircraft radio. The update is free to any PHX customer who requests it.
NOTE: The CommsBox hardware update is for Long Range Comms equipped PHX systems only. If you own a pre-2019 PHX system, consider a long range comms upgrade for your PHX. Contact our sales or support team for more information.

Obtaining an Update:

To request a CommsBox hardware update, open a support ticket and put “PHX CommsBox Hardware Update” in the subject line.

How to know/check if you need the CommsBox hardware update:

Your PHX is equipped with long range comms and was purchased before October 2020. There are two ways to check if your CommsBox does not have this hardware installed:
Method 1 (no tools required):
  1. Connect the CommsBox power cable to the battery and the CommsBox.
  2. Wait 30 seconds to allow the CommsBox to fully power up.
  3. Remove the power cable from the CommsBox.
  4. Look at the LEDs near the power connector:
    1. If the LEDs turn off right away, then your CommsBox does not have the update hardware installed.
      No update installed

    2. If the LEDs remain illuminated for several seconds after removing power, then your CommsBox has the update hardware installed.
      Update is installed

Method 2 (requires a Phillips screw driver):
  1. Remove the four screws from the front cover of the CommsBox.

  1. Carefully remove the cover from the enclosure. There is a cable that connects the two. Do not remove the cable from either side.

  1. On the back side of the cover there is a circuit board. Check to see if there are two cables plugged in at the bottom of the circuit card:
    1. If there is a second cable connected at the bottom of the circuit card on the backside of the cover, then the update hardware has been installed.

    1. If there is only one cable that is attached to the circuit card attached to the back side of the cover, and circuit card is in the enclosure, than your CommsBox does not have the update hardware installed.

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