Sentera PHX™ FAQs - How do I send my Fly PHX logs to Support

Sentera PHX™ - FAQs How Do I Send My Fly PHX Logs to Support?

Save Fly PHX app logs

1.  Navigate to Application Settings and click Sentera FieldAgent. The Sentera FieldAgent window displays. 

2.  Sign in with your FieldAgent email address and password. If you need a log in, contact Sentera Support at 1-844-SENTERA, or browse to the Sentera Knowledge Base at, or through an email at
3.  Click Email Support to send log files to Sentera. You must be disconnected from your vehicle to send telemetry logs. The Fly PHX app logs are saved to your computer. This file will usually be requested by Sentera Support during your support telephone call. 

Alternate method to retrieve your Fly PHX telemetry logs (Windows 10 only)

  1. Completely close Fly PHX on your Windows 10 computer.  This allows the telemetry log to be written and saved to your computer.
  2. The log files are stored within your documents folder.  (C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\Fly PHX\Telemetry).
  3. The log folder within the Telemetry Folder is dated with the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS (Military Time).
  4. You will need to zip this folder up to send it to Sentera Support. 

Directions to zip up your log and send it to Sentera Support

      1.  Right-click on the log folder you wish to send.
      2. Select Send to by hovering your mouse over it.
      3. Select Compressed zipped folder.
      4. Name the zip file appropriately.
      5. Attached the newly created zip file to an email and send it to

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