Sentera PHX - New Pitot Tube Announcement

Sentera PHX - New Pitot Tube Announcement

The Pitot tube for the PHX has been redesigned. The flexible new design reduces damage caused by terrain interaction during landing and increases reliability with its simplified construction. A swappable tip makes plugged pitot tubes a thing of the past. Simply unscrew an obstructed tip, screw on a clean one, and be back in the air in no time at all.

When you do need to swap out the pitot assembly simply undo the hose from the inline adapter and plug the new assembly in. 

Calibrating the pitot
has never been easier. The new design easily pressurizes with a larger inlet area and a solid finger grip area.  

New pitot upgrade kits are available for purchase on our web store.  


The original PHX pitot will no longer be available for purchase, Support material for the original design will remain on the support site for legacy users.

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