FieldAgent - How to Create, View, and Validate a Stand Count

FieldAgent - How to Create, View and Validate a Stand Count

FieldAgent Stand Counts allow you to efficiently and effectively capture population counts on every acre of your operation – processing images from throughout a field to identify every plant in every image for the most accurate and complete results. Currently supported crops are Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, and Potato.

How to Order, View, and Validate

FieldAgent on the Web (online)

Order a Stand Count

Before a stand count can be ordered through FieldAgent on the web, the imagery must be uploaded and a Crop Season and Field Activity must exist for the field
  1. Visit
  2. Use FieldAgent to Navigate to the Field you'll order a stand count for
  3. Select Order Analytics and fill out the page as necessary. Select Order. You'll receive an email when your order has been processed. This should not take more than 20 minutes, but may depend on your internet connection.

View Results

Either follow the link sent to your email after processing was completed or follow the process shown below to display the newly generated Spot Scout Population Map on your screen.
  1. Visit
  2. Use FieldAgent to Navigate to the Field you ordered a stand count for
  3. Select the Map Layers Icon
  4. Locate the date of the survey you'd like to view results for
  5. Select the check mark to the right of the layer name(s) you'd like to view
    There are two visualization options for stand counts; Spot Scout Population Map (dots with stand numbers) and Population Map (Heat Map of interpolated values)
  6. The map(s) will appear on the screen

Validate Results

You can quickly verify the accuracy of our stand count algorithms by clicking on the dots shown on the screen. This will display the photo used at that location on the map.
Chose Annotation in the top right to display the bounding boxes around each plant used in the calculations. We've verified our corn stand count at 95% accuracy. If you have questions please reach out to Sentera Support.

In 2021 Sentera released the Validation Box (seen above). When sized correctly, this box is equivalent to 1/1,000 acre. By counting the number of plants in the box and multiplying by 1000 results can be validated in the office.

The Validation Box is only available on FieldAgent Web.

The photo below is from a location reporting 103% emergence.
The photo below is from a location reporting 89% emergence.

FieldAgent on Desktop (Offline Capabilities)

A video guide can be found at the end of this article.

Order a Stand Count

With FieldAgent on Desktop, Stand Counts can be ordered during the import process (supports bulk ordering) or from the field page. Both options are outlined below.

Order during the Import Process:

1.       Finish the flight.

2.       Remove the SD card for your sensor and instert into your computer. This can be performed at the field edge without an internet connection.

a.       Click Create Surveys
b.       Click Add and browse to the folder containing the images you'd like to import.
c.       Click Select Folder. Note that images will not show in the folder selector
d.       Repeat (b & c) for each folder you'd like to import, then click Next.

e.       Click Next again. Finish creating a new fields if necessary.

3.       On the last page of Import, select + Analytics on each survey you'd like to order a stand count on.

4. Set the Crop, Row Spacing and Seeding Rate.
5. Click Place Order
6. FieldAgent will begin to process the Population Map analytics for your field.

Alternate -- Order from the field page:
  1. Import to Desktop as you normally would.
  2. Open the Field with the survey you'd like to order analytics for.
  3. Locate the survey you'd like to order analytics for.
  4. Click Order Analytics (beaker icon).
  5. Define the Analytics Area by clicking around the field. When finished, double-click the left mouse button.
  6. Select Stand Count, Crop Type, Row Spacing, and Seed Rates. Select Use Rowfill if Flights Can’t be Counted.
  7. Click Run Analytics.
  8. Click Confirm. FieldAgent will begin to process the Population Map analytics for your field.


View Results

View the Stand Count:

1.       Navigate to the Field where you'd like to view a Stand Count. Select Spot Scout Population from the Image Layers menu. View the image circles with a numerical value shown, indicating the number of plant per acre and using color to indicate high and low emergence in that area.

2.       Click an image circle. Rows display a green line which assists FieldAgent machine learning to count and validate the number of plants within the row.

3.       Click the Spot Scout Population Toolbar at the top of the window.

4.       Move the slider bar left or right to adjust the remove certain values to view only what you need to see.

5.       Click Emergence Percentage to view that unique display.

6.       Click Color Map to select varying colors to your liking.

7.       View Statistics to see the average, minimum, or maximum rates.


View the Stand Count Heat Map:

1.       Select Population Map from the Image Layers menu. The field image displays high and low emergence in distinctive colors.

2.       Click the Plant Population Toolbar at the top of the window.

3.       Click the gear icon to generate a prescription map to help determine if you need to go back into the field to reseed. A new map displays.

4.       Click Export to use with farm management tools.

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