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Sentera's downloadable applications enable you to plan flights and process data all while you’re at the edge of the field.

FieldAgent Desktop              



  1. Desktop Download Link                                       
  2. Desktop Installation Guide                                                    
  3. Desktop User Guide                        

Sentera Local Stitching Service


  1. Stitching Service Download Link
  2. Stitching Service Installation Guide 

FieldAgent iOS App   


  1. Mobile Download Link
  2. Mobile User Guide 

Web Links

FieldAgent Web is the online version of the desktop application. It helps you stay connected with growers and provides timely information about your fields. You can easily sync your data between FieldAgent Web, Desktop and Mobile.

FieldAgent Web Access        

  1. Web Link                                                                     
  2. Web User Guide                                                        

FieldAgent Account Administration

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