6X - How to Process in Pix4D

6X - How to Process in Pix4D

When using a reflectance panel, raw images should first be run through the radiometric corrections script
Corrections Script Instructions 

Stitching in Pix4D

To create a new project in Pix4D:

1.     Open Pix4D.

2.     Create a new project.

3.     Enter a Project Name and click Next.

4.     Add all of the image directories for each sensor, either from the corrected images location, or the raw images location, if there are no calibration panels.

5.     Click Next on the Select Images window.

6.     Click Next on the Image Properties window and on the Select Output Coordinate System window.

7.      When available, choose the appropriate template :
  1. For calibrated images, use the Ag RGB template.
  2. For non-calibrated images, use the Ag Multispectral template.
  3. For calibrated images, use Option 3 settings, as shown in the image below:
    1. Make sure to check GeoTIFF and Merge Tiles under Orthomosaic.
  1. For non-calibrated images, use Option 3 settings, as shown in the two images below: 
    1. Turn off the orthomosaic and turn on the 'Reflectance Map' under Index Calculator. 

8.     Select Options 1 and 3 on the left, if only an orthomosaic is needed. If a Digital Service Model (DSM) is needed, make sure to turn on DSM in Option 3 and run Options 1, 2, and 3.

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