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FieldInsights from Sentera uses intelligent technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, to deliver plant-level measurements that can be translated into actionable insights. Customers can capture data via their own ag drone systems or by using Sentera's Flight Services team.

For more information about FieldInsights analytics from Sentera, including which drones and sensors can be used to capture high-resolution aerial imagery to generate the data, access the links below. Sentera's FieldInsights provide plant-level measurements and data to Sentera offers pay as you go analytics to enterprise customers. Flight Services packages are also available for those that want to let Sentera handle all aspects of capturing the data. Above are the list of Analytics Categories that Sentera offers, along with the entire product catalogue. Click the links to learn more.

FieldInsights: Key Analytics

Flight Services


What are FieldInsights from Sentera?

Sentera’s FieldInsights unlock the value of agronomic data by using our intelligent technology ecosystem to turn information into actionable insights. Via our image-based deep learning engine, we deliver insights that count plant populations, detect areas of damage, uncover anomalies, and identify classification, like weed species.

How do I order FieldInsights from Sentera?

Some FieldInsights, like Stand Count, can be ordered within FieldAgent. Otherwise, please reach out to a sales representative to discuss the right solution for you.

Do I need to fly my own drone to get FieldInsights from data?

FieldInsights can be generated by data you capture via an ag drone system, or you can hire our Flight Services team to capture the data for you. Our Flight Services team has 250+ pilots across the world and a 98%+ mission success rate.

How do I access my FieldInsights?

Once processed, FieldInsights will be available in FieldAgent. Use FieldAgent’s data visualizations tools for further analysis or download the insights into a format of your choice. In addition, API integrations are available to push the data into the platform of your choice.

What is the delivery timeframe for FieldInsights?

We know that timeliness matters, and that’s reflected in our delivery timeframes for FieldInsights. They vary based on how quickly the data must be used to make agronomic decisions. Stand Count for the Agronomic Advisor, for instance, is available at the field’s edge.
For more information about specific timeframes by insight, please contact Our sales team .

How are FieldInsights different from the vegetative indices I can access?

FieldInsights further analyze vegetative indices captured by aerial imagery to provide numerical data sets to attribute performance data to vegetation in the field. Vegetative indices measure the differences in reflectance data, while the FieldInsights focus on deliverables related to crop growth, maturity, and vigor metrics, like canopy height or the number of tassels in a given area.

Can I generate FieldInsights from non-Sentera sensors?

Yes, FieldInsights can be generated from non-Sentera sensors. Compatible sensors include Micasense and DJI. For more information about which FieldInsights are compatible with what sensor, view the Sentera Product Catalog .

I am not finding an article to help me. How do I contact support?

Contact support by submitting a support ticket. You can also call support at (844) 736-8372 (option 1) during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT.

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