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FieldAgent Updates:

(Newest First)
Satellite map layers are now clipped to the field boundary! This allows for histograms of NDVI and NDRE data, as well as the option to display these layers in a High Contrast (Equal Area) view.

Exporting Zone Maps on Web | July 20th
Zone Maps can now be exported from the web as shapefiles.

Weather Digest on the Web | May 21st
Access Weather Data for any Fields with a crop season. Incorporate selected weather data into web reports. 

Order on Import with Desktop | April 26th
Import and Order Stand Counts on multiple fields in one flow. No need to wait for importing to complete.

Create Reports on the Web | April 18th
Limited reporting capabilities on FieldAgent on the web. Now brand your report by uploading a Logo and contact information.

Users can now use their iPad to view imagery on their device before leaving the field. Currently requires a SD card dongle.

Field Boundaries display on Map View once zoomed in

We've made improvements to the Free Local Stitching that greatly improve chances of successful results

Create Grower Connections to Climate FieldView

Real-Time Mapping | March 7th
Create shareable maps on the fly with DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 and Mavic 2 Pro

Use online terrain data to plan flights that keep a consistent altitude above ground level

Sensor Updates:

Fly Forward Update | March 7th
Green Sentera Sensors on DJI Drones can now be updated to fly forward during flight.

Fly PHX:

V1.8.1 | March 1st Release:
- Improved Camera Feedback
- Automated Firmware/Software Checking

V1.7.3 | January 7th Release:
- Improved FieldAgent Integration
- Improved lost comms warning behavior

PHX Autopilot Update | January 7th
- Improved Landing Performance
- Increased maximum speed
- Increased maximum distance between waypoints




(Newest First)
Satellite Change Notifications | October 25th

User Customizable Notifications Preferences | October 1st

Disease Notifications | September 7th
Corn Gray Leaf Spot & Northern Corn Leaf Blight notifications will now be sent when conditions are met on certain fields

Separate Frontlap & Sidelap for DJI Drones | September 5th
Options for separating frontlap & sidelap during flight planning in FieldAgent Mobile


6X Firmware | July 27th
Improved RGB Quality, Support for DJI Onboard SDK


- Terrain Following