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What is FieldAgent?

FieldAgent is an agronomic insights platform that delivers FieldInsights for review, visualization, and analysis. It serves as a delivery mechanism to download insights into the format of the user’s choice.
Beyond that, FieldAgent can help to increase efficiency and boost productivity. The iOS App (FieldAgent Mobile) helps to plan missions and execute flights, while FieldAgent Web provides key resources like Notifications and weather, soil, and satellite data for deeper analysis.

What is the difference between the Desktop, Web, and iOS App?

FieldAgent is available in three complimentary experiences with some common functionality across each experience.
FieldAgent Desktop enables users to upload data at the field’s edge, without requiring access to the internet. This application can also be used for local stitching and reporting.
FieldAgent Web serves as an easy-to-access hub with data and visualization tools, as well as easy access to Notifications and weather, soil, and satellite data.
FieldAgent Mobile (iOS App) makes it easy to plan and fly missions, while offering some visibility into additional data.

I am having problems logging in. Can you help?

If you are having issues logging in, visit and reset your password. If your account has expired, update your payment information via the profile link. If either of those don’t fix your solution, please contact our support team .

How do I use local stitching? What is cloud stitching?

Users can download Sentera’s Stitching to create orthomosaics on their desktops. More information about how to use Sentera’s Stitching can be found here.
Cloud stitching is a service offered by Sentera where we do the stitching for you – you can easily order a mosaic through FieldAgent Desktop.

I am having problems flying my DJI drone with the iOS App. Can you help?

If you are having problems flying your DJI drone with the iOS App, first try to shut off the drone and hand controller. Power on the hand controller, the drone, and then re-launch FieldAgent Mobile. If you are still having problems, please view this troubleshooting article or contact our support team .

How do I order FieldInsights in FieldAgent?

Some FieldInsights can be ordered in FieldAgent. To order, log into and in the left-hand column, click on “Order Analytics.” The drop down will populate with available FieldInsights based on your subscription. If you have further questions or need assistance, contact our Sales Team .

I am not finding an article to help me. How do I contact support?

Contact support by submitting a support ticket. You can also call support at (844) 736-8372 (option 1) during normal business hours, Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT.

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